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Mrs Eva Johnson

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Eva Johnson Nutrition
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Whitstable United Kingdom

I am a registered nutritionist specialsing in female hormones and physiology. I am working with midlife women, who like me, are keen to enjoy their sport and even reach that podium (recreationally or competitively) at menopause years and beyond.

My philosophy of food is simple: fun and flexible. I don't eat perfectly, and don't expect you to either. I fully understand the struggles that comes with changing midlife hormones, needs for fuelling your body to support your training with the demands of midlife woman’s everyday life.

I always been interested in food and nutrients and the role it plays in how we feel, this led to my academic journey and a degree in Nutritional Therapy. I landed in working with high achieving female athletes with recurring health issues for my clinical practice, which is when I realised that most human research studies are undertaken in men and many healthcare, sport and exercise “experts” treat women the same as men.

This experience and my personal love for sports, prompted me to dig deeper and embark on a master’s degree in sports nutrition. I focused all my research to female physiology and hormones to fully understand those very important differences between women and men.

I would love nothing more than to help you gain the understanding and confidence you need to sail through the menopause whilst support your body to its fullest potential to maximise your sports performance and the quality of life.

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