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Mr James Oliver Hudson

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Chesham, Buckinghamshire United Kingdom
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Nutrition for Energy helps people who have a passion for fitness improve their:

- Performance

- Body composition (build muscle and lose fat)

- Mindset

- Longevity

- While enjoying a busy work and family life.

Nutrition for Energy coaching is NOT a quick fix, or fad diet! The Nutrition for Energy approach teaches nutrition and coaches habits that stick. It is for those invested in learning about nutrition and making changes that are long-term solutions. Ultimately it is for self-improvers who want to make permanent changes to their performance and health.

I work with:

- Self-improvers looking to finally fix their nutrition long-term

- Those who train hard but know their nutrition is letting them down

- Those who want to better their times, nail their numbers and smash their big sporting goals.

- Those eating a “good diet”, but need more specifics on how to fuel and recover for their sport

- People who want to feel great in their body

- Those who are bored of feeling tired at work and want more energy in both life and sport.

If this sounds like you, and you are ready to make a change, the next step is to have a chat with me on a free discovery call.

How does Nutrition for Energy coaching work?

18 Weeks between you and consistent energy

You get:

- 4 Topics to transform your performance, health and longevity::

- Recover Fast & Drop Fat

- Fix Your Fuelling

- Eat For Energy & Longevity

- Control Your Cravings. Forever

- 4 detailed dietary reports

- Coaching call every 2 weeks

- Unlimited WhatsApp communication (Your questions answered)

- 10, one-to-one coaching sessions

- 10, consultation summaries (so you don’t have to take notes)

- Specific action points tailored to you, your sport, your life

- An easy to follow, step-by-step process which delivers results.

"It is my goal to make it as easy as possible for you to make long-term changes to your way of eating.

Yes - way of eating - as this is not an 18 week diet!"

To find out more about how to lift your energy levels, health and performance. Boo a FREE chat with me by following the link below.

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