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Dr Sinead Roberts

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London United Kingdom

As we are quite literally what we eat, nutrition has a fundamental impact on whether – and how effectively – we reach our full performance potential. I am fascinated by the complex interplay of genetics, environment, physiological state and training on an athlete’s nutritional needs. And how we can capitalize on that to develop and maintain a robust athlete, who is able to maximise their performance potential.

As a registered sports nutritionist (SENr), I provide nutrition support and education to recreational and elite athletes in one to one and group settings. Athletes I have supported include Team GB and Team Jamaica Olympic lifters, and British Title level boxers.

My research interests focus on metabolic and physiological responses to acute concurrent training, namely in Functional Fitness (CrossFit®). I am also able to bring together my passion for science, coaching and education as part of the Visiting Lecture staff at the University of Westminster.

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