Increasing our voice and visibility

Driving national policy, voice and visibility, influencing and leadership, responding to policy and understanding the political environment.


By 2034 BDA members will have…

Between now and 2027 the BDA will deliver…


A driving force for policy change within health and food across UK Government, Parliament and their devolved equivalents.

A clear policy and position statement development process that engages with member expertise.

A clear process for endorsement of policies, position statements and resources that are presented to the Government.


A robust network of stakeholder relationships within all national legislatures across the UK.

Strong relationships with legislatures and key stakeholders in UK Government, Westminster and the devolved equivalents.

A Parliamentary reception focused on at least one of the BDA’s public affairs campaigns. 



A comprehensive public affairs campaign plan that engages members, legislatures and the general public on our key issues.

A clear public engagement plan that sets out how and why we will work with the public.

Progress on each of the five public affairs campaigns: free school meals, workforce strategy, national food strategy, NHS Pay, and right to rehab. Members will be actively engaged in campaign activity.


Influence and information to shape the debate around issues of workforce, food and health.

A clear process for responding to calls for evidence, consultations and other policy requests.

A clear process to connect our members with key stakeholders, influencers and other organisations aligned to our strategy.

An approved insights process which members understand as a route for influence.

Updated guidelines for working with breastmilk substitute manufacturers to support members working in Baby-Friendly Initiative (BFI) accredited settings.


A dietetic workforce that reflects and is connected with the wider public and decision makers to make a healthy diet accessible to all.

Clarity in how specialist groups engage with the public affairs and policy functions and a list of members to draw from for parliamentary evidence sessions.

Tools and support to engage with the general public to share positive messages around food and nutrition.

A strong evidence-based voice in the media, with greater specialist group support.

A thriving community of one hundred active ‘Work Ready dietitians’ supporting workplaces across the four nations.

An established voice in the wider food arena regarding the importance of cooking skills within communities to support the general public make changes towards a healthier diet.


A greater profile at dedicated conferences and events promoting dietitians and their role.

An updated external event strategy and identified the key activities to attend with clear aims for our attendance at each.