Renal Nutrition Specialist Group - Health Inequalities and Promoting Patient Self-Care - AGM & Annual Study Day

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The theme for this study day will focus on ‘Health Inequalities and Promoting Patient Self-Care’.

The day will begin at 9.15 with the Renal Nutrition Specialist Group AGM, registration will open from 8.45am. The AGM is only open to members of the specialist group, non members of the Renal Nutrition Specialist Group should arrive by 10am.


  • Professor Angela Webster, NHMRC Leadership Fellow, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, Director of Evidence Integration, Nephrologist, Justice of the Peace, NSW at Sydney School of Public Health, The University of Sydney

Angela works as a Transplant Physician at Westmead Hospital. She is a health service researcher, with focus on multi-morbidity specifically; transplantation, cancer, infection and cardiovascular disease. The focus of her research is presenting complex data as simply as possible to aid clinician and patient decision-making. She has a long-standing interest in data linkage, trials, data synthesis, and making better use of existing data to improve health service delivery. She holds roles with Cochrane, KDIGO, and AJKD, and is executive officer for ANZIPTR. She is a member of the TSANZ council. She is a terrible but persistent runner, likes knitting and keeps chickens.

Angela will present virtually from Australia on Health literacy, healthcare inequity and shared decision making - creating equitable resources and promoting self-care for people living with CKD

Angela will revise the concept and measurement of health literacy, and additional considerations for developing and implementing shared-decision making for people with kidney failure seeking care. She will also outline approaches to equitable care design and potential methods for supporting and resourcing all patients to live well with CKD.  

  • Maria Barrett, Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Salford Intestinal Failure Unit

Maria Barrett is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner/ Dietitian. She has been working in the area of intestinal failure for the past 4 years and formally specialised in renal failure for 8 years. She is also an NIHR/ CAHPR AHP Research Champion, involved in local and national peer support and promotion of research engagement among AHPs. As part of her clinical role, she is actively involved in clinical research and service evaluation in the area of intestinal failure.

Maria will present Early phosphate restriction in CKD

Maria will review what is currently understood about the pathogenesis of CKD MBD and the role Renal Dietitians could play in slowing/ preventing its progression.

  • Jane Dursley (Renal Dietitian), Lou Kennedy (Renal Physio), Liz Davies (Rehab assistant), University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

Jane, Lou and Liz work at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff and have many years of experience working on the renal ward, transplant unit, nephrology and transplant clinics and dialysis units as part of the MDT.

Jane, Lou and Liz will present BALANCE - An MDT-led lifestyle management group for renal patients

Summary of talk: Introducing BALANCE - a 9 week MDT led programme for renal patients and their donors across South Wales, supporting patients to lose weight and improve physical fitness before and after kidney transplant surgery. The programme is run by a renal dietitian, renal physiotherapist, rehab assistant and input from renal psychology.

  • Dr Lina Johansson, Clinical Academic Dietitian, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Lina works as a clinical academic at Imperial where her research interests lie in understanding inclusive care and communication supports people with renal disease to self-manage.  She is also involved in Innovation. As part of her role, Lina also mentors others on their research journey by providing supervision and research application support at both pre-doctoral and PhD levels.  

Lina will present Supporting self-management:  findings from WALT (Wellbeing And Lifestyle in Transplantation)

Summary of talk: Kidney transplant recipients' experiences of lifestyle explores how healthcare professionals engage in health education and highlights the gaps in communication.  This talk will explore how to enhance self-management.  

  • Amita Godse, Specialist Renal Dietitian and Lead dietitian for post- renal transplant diabetes management service, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne and Dietitian for Kidney Care UK and lead recipe developer for the Kidney Kitchen South Asian recipe magazine.

Having qualified as a dietitian from India, she has been working in the UK for the past 12 years. Mainly working as a specialist renal dietitian and a certified supplementary prescriber, She has also worked as a specialist diabetes dietitian and DAFNE educator. She has a passion for cooking and working with the Kidney Kitchen, enables her to combine her passion with work and contribute towards the care of renal patients.

Amita will present Development of a South Asian recipe book- A resource for people living with CKD

Amita will be talking about her experience in developing the South Asian recipe magazine for renal patients. The talk will cover various aspects of South Asian diet that need to be considered while addressing renal diets to this patient population.


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