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Emma Ferris

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Emma Claire Nutrition
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- United Kingdom

I graduated from the University of Surrey in 2009 with a first degree honours and since have been privileged to gain over 10 years experience working in acute hospitals covering medical wards and outpatient clinics. I’ve specialised in HIV, gastroenterology and oncology and have an extensive knowledge of nutrition support and treating malnutrition.

 A core value of my practice is knowledge of the latest evidence and emerging practices. More than being a job to myself dietetics is a passion and through listening to accredited webinars, professional podcasts and undertaking courses I remain up to date and dedicated to evidence based practice.
I can confidently help you navigate and improve nutritional related issues in a variety of conditions and disease states including IBS, Inflammatory bowel disease and Oncology. I specialise in nutrition support especially post hospital stay nutrition and can be a guiding hand on your journey surrounding healthy eating and relationship with your body.
I believe passionately that together we can make a difference to your life and work on achieving the changes you want to make to any aspect of your nutrition. I want to look to see what truly matters to you, what are the goals in your life that include and extend beyond food and how we can work together to achieve them, be that be able to walk every day comfortably with your dog or feel more confident in choosing healthy choices for your family.
When it comes to your nutrition and Diet there is absolutely no one size that fits all and every day can be different but importantly it’s you that is the expert. Food choices are impacted daily by emotions, stressors and sleep to name a few and at the core of my work with you will be to equip you with the tools you need to make the choices you want every day.