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Miss Emma Townsin

MSc (honours)
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Emma Townsin | Food Life Freedom
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London United Kingdom

Your anti-diet dietitian supporting you to feel good around food!

I use a non-diet, weight-inclusive, trauma-informed approach called intuitive eating to support you to change the way you think and feel around food for natural eating behaviour change.

As a Specialist Eating Disorder Dietitian and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, I can support you to:

- stop overthinking, second-guessing and feeling controlled by food and eating

- stop out-of-control and stressful eating experiences such as emotional eating, binge eating and overeating without diets and food rules

- develop connection with your body's communication such as hunger, fullness, self care needs and emotions

- understand your nervous system and emotional states and how this impacts your food choices and eating

- find structure around food so you can feel your best with it turning into a diet

- recovery from eating disorders (dependent on the level of care you need)

The first step to healthy eating is a healthy relationship with food.

How you are supported to find your food and life freedom

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