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Miss Emma Townsin

Master of Dietetics; Food Science and Nutrition (Hons); Bachelor of Health Sciences (Nutr; Psych)
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Food Life Freedom
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London, Greater London, England
Profile for Miss Emma Townsin
Stop following food rules. Reclaim your intuition.

I combine cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and nutrition counselling to reconnect you with your body to guide your eating and create an empowered and peaceful relationship with food and body- for life.

Have you been searching for someone to tell you what to eat so you can stop obsessing over food? I used to think I could help clients this way too but then I realised it doesn't work. In fact, food rules and diets are commonly the cause of obsessive food thoughts, low energy, erratic mood, out-of-control, binge and emotional eating and generally feeling disconnected from your body.

As a certified counsellor in intuitive eating as well as a dietitian, I combine psychology practices with nutrition counselling so you can confidently make food choices and discover an empowered and healthy relationship with food and your body.

The first step to healthy eating is a healthy relationship with food.

How to work with Emma

Emma works with clients online through her signature program The Empowered Women Academy - find lifelong freedom from obsessive food thoughts in 12 weeks.

Learn more on her website: www.foodlifefreedom.com

Free masterclass: From Food Stress to Food Freedom

Just getting started? Learn more about how Emma can support you start improving your relationship with food with this free masterclass. Click here to watch.