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Mrs Gillian Rajan

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Gillian Rajan Nutrition
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Chester United Kingdom

Gillian Rajan Nutrition is run by Gillian Rajan BSc PgD, a UK state registered Dietitian. Gillian has extensive experience in clinical nutrition and dietetics and is passionate about health and nutrition.  Her goal is to provide individualised advice to enable you to make the best food choices for your specific needs.

During her career, Gillian has specialised in gastroenterology, surgery, critical care and complex nutrition support.  She is experienced in the nutritional management of crohn's disease, colitis, liver disease, diseases of the gallbladder, pancreatitis, coeliac disease, small bowel bacterial overgrowth and irritable bowel syndrome.  She is passionate about the importance of pre operative nutritional optimisation to improve outcomes for those undergoing surgery.  She can help you to optimise your gut microbiome through diet and evidence based advice on pre and probiotics.

Gillian has an Honours degree in Nutritional Science and a post graduate diploma in Dietetics.  She started working as a dietitian in 2005 and still works in the NHS part time as clinical lead dietitian. Gillian is trained in supporting people to follow the low FODMAP diet for functional bowel disorders (Kings College London)

Gillian Rajan Nutrition is located in Chester. Please get in touch to learn more about the services and to book your virtual or in person consultation.

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