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Mala Watts

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Charvil United Kingdom

[email protected]

I have over 20 years’ experience as a Specialist Paediatric Eating Disorder
dietitian, working with children and young people with eating disorders and
disordered eating/ eating difficulties. My strengths include my extensive skills
working with young people individually, as well as parents to support their
child with weight restoration and normalising eating. I have more than 6 years’
experience offering Family Based Treatment (FBT). FBT has the strongest
evidence for the management of eating disorders. I have experience working
with young people who have ASD, ADHD and anxiety, which are often
associated with eating disorders. I have some personal experience as a
parent negotiating the Special Education System (SEN) system over many
years. This experience has been invaluable in truly understanding the parent
perspective and challenges when one child has particular needs. I am
therefore able to tailor my advice and support parents through challenging
I am also very familiar with vegetarian and vegan diets. I have a keen interest
in sports nutrition which compliments my work with eating
disorders/disordered eating patients and those with eating difficulties, as
exercise can be a key feature.
I can see individuals with ARFID or suspected ARFID when working closely
alongside other clinician(s) such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, occupational
therapist and speech and language therapist.
I have attended ARFID (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder) training
during 2021 with internationally renowned Dr Rachel Bryant-Waugh and also
British Dietetic Association (BDA) endorsed training from Winchester University.
I am a committee member of the informal ARFID sub-group of the British
Dietetic Association

Please contact me by e-mailing [email protected]