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We ask two things of our corporate members: that they show commitment to evidence based nutrition communications and the sustainability of the profession, and that they are open to two-way dialogue with the BDA office and our members. 

Current Strategic Partners

Abbott Nutrition

As a long-established innovator of healthcare products and services, Abbott Nutrition continues to translate leading-edge science into nutritional solutions for people of all ages around the world. With expertise in the science of nutrition, Abbott has long been a pioneer in nutritional healthcare products that advance quality of life.

Working in partnership with healthcare professionals and organisations, we provide structured nutritional care to ensure patients are supported throughout their treatment programme.


Danone’s mission is to bring health through food and beverages to the maximum number of people. As a leading expert in probiotic products, Danone has over 15 years of research and 200 external collaborations, including L’Institut Pasteur, which has lead to over 40 peer-reviewed publications on clinical studies for Activia and Actimel.   

Quorn Foods

Quorn Foods believes the world needs a more sustainable diet that is healthier for its people and kinder to our planet. They believe excessive meat consumption is a major driver of unsustainable diets. Their purpose at Quorn Foods is to provide the world with healthier and more sustainable protein alternatives to meat.

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Mead Johnson

Mead Johnson are an infant nutrition company. In the UK they have specialist ACBS listed products to support infants with diagnosed cow’s milk allergy, lactose intolerance and reflux conditions. The company is part of global healthcare business Reckitt Benckiser

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Nutricia specialises in the delivery of advanced medical nutrition for the very young, the old and the sick. As well as being the largest specialist nutrition company in Europe, Nutricia is the market leader in the UK.

Nutricia supply high quality feeds, systems and support services to patients and health care professionals. Through Nutricia Homeward service, they deliver nutritional feeds, enteral feeding systems and nursing care directly to patients’ homes.

California Walnut Commission


The California Walnut Commission (CWC) represents the California Walnut industry made up of over 4,800 growers and close to 100 handlers.

The CWC is involved in scientific research examining the nutritional value of walnuts and explore the role of walnuts in a healthy diet as well as export market development activities.

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Current Key Supporters


Alpro’s mission is to continue to change the way the world eats for the better by creating delicious, naturally healthy plant-based foods, for the maximum wellbeing of everyone and with the utmost respect for our planet. It is the European pioneer and market leader in the plant based category, with two key brands: Alpro and Provamel.

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Clasado: Ltd:


Clasado is the developer and manufacturer of ‘Bimuno, a commercial prebiotic with specific properties’.

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Dr Schär



Dr Schär website:

Dr Schaer are is a specialist nutrition company with brands including Schaer, Glutafin and more recently, Mevalia. They have been working with the coeliac community for over 20 years in the UK.

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FrieslandCampina Institute




FrieslandCampina Institute provides nutrition and health professionals scientific information, accredited education programs and round table debates on a wide variety of nutrition and health topics, ranging from general health in all stages of life to the role of nutrition in sports performance and the nutritional composition of milk and dairy products.

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Natural Source Water Association

NHC is the UK bottled water association. It is a not for profit organisation which researches the science and communicates the facts about healthy hydration.

See their new film on natural source water and the environment.

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Spoon Guru

Founded in 2015, Spoon Guru is a London-based technology startup which has developed a search engine to cater for individuals with multiple or complex search requirements, such as those with specific food needs. Spoon Guru helps food businesses to deliver a completely tailored experience to consumers based on their unique dietary needs and preferences – increasing the choice of foods available whilst minimizing the effort to find them. Spoon Guru does this by combining AI, machine learning and nutritional domain expertise, enabling large and complex data sets to be easily searched and accurately filtered to deliver relevant choices.

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Vitaflo International


Vitaflo are developers of specialised clinical nutrition products for Metabolic Disorders, Nutrition Support and specific conditions such as Kidney Disease.


Yakult UK Ltd

Science has remained firmly at the core of the Yakult company since the scientist Dr Shirota succeeded in discovering a unique strain of bacteria robust enough to survive the intestines, Lactobacillus casei Shirota, which he used to make the first bottle of Yakult in 1935.

Yakult has a long history of safe use and an unparalleled reputation for quality and research.  The company is committed to sponsoring independent research in hospitals, universities and institutes throughout the world, including the UK, to further investigate the benefits and applications of the unique strain of bacteria.

To date, over 100 human studies on Lactobacillus casei Shirota have now been published in peer-reviewed journals, across a wide range of health areas including antibiotic-associated diarrhoea, infectious disease, constipation, IBS and cancer.  


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