BDA deeply concerned at 17% price hike by the HCPC on registrant fees

01 Nov 2022

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) recently announced their intention to increase their annual registrant fee by £19.62, an increase of 17% for the dietetic profession. This would increase the fee to £117.74 per year.

The BDA has consulted with members and 98% of respondents (766 members) said they were unhappy with the annual increase.

The HCPC is in consultation on the price rise and the BDA will be responding to share the opinion of members, that the price increase is unacceptable. The BDA have already co-signed a letter to the HCPC raising concerns. 

Liz Stockley, CEO of the BDA says: “Our members already find themselves in a difficult position financially, what with the cost-of-living crisis and those that work in the NHS seeing a very real reduction in their pay this year, due to the woeful NHS Pay Award.

“Whilst we understand that businesses are not immune to the increases in costs that we are seeing across the board, we, along with the membership feel that a 17% increase is unacceptable.”

The HCPC says the increase is to ensure future financial sustainability and is underpinned by careful financial analysis of what is necessary for the HCPC to continue to meet its statutory objective and protect the public.

If approved, the increase would come into effect for existing registrants at the start of their renewal window, beginning with professions whose window opens in July 2023. The majority of registrants would not pay the renewal fee increase until 2024 or 2025.

Whilst the BDA will be responding to the consultation on behalf of the membership, it also urges members to reply too. Guidance will be supplied on how to fill in the consultation document in due course. The deadline for submissions is 15 December.

In the meantime, members can attend one of the Q&As run by the HCPC to find out more and raise any of their questions.