The BDA Curriculum Framework describes the content of the curriculum for dietetic education and training. Whilst the HCPC Standards of Proficiency ensure that graduates are prepared and fit for current practice, the BDA curriculum framework has an additional purpose, facilitating the development of a dietetic workforce which is prepared for future practice and the ongoing advancement of the profession.

The BDA 2020 curriculum framework 2020 is a revision of the 2013 framework, the purpose of which is to provide existing and aspiring providers of dietetic education with guidance on the curriculum content and delivery of dietetic programmes, for use in programme planning and (re)validation. Please note that this is not a syllabus.

Higher Education Institutes and their practice learning partners, will use this framework to develop their own specific learning outcomes for each level of the education programme and for all practice-based learning.

This is the final stage of a series of consultations with stakeholders which allowed us to gather feedback on the contents for the curriculum.

We are now consulting with our members and stakeholders  to let us know if they think there are any changes necessary to the level of dietetic knowledge, skills, values and behaviours described in the curriculum to prepare learners to register as a dietitian and practice both now and in the future. 

After consultation, we will analyse the responses we receive to decide if any further amendments are needed.

The closing date for responses is 31 August 2020. We look forward to receiving your feedback:

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