Artificial nutrition – what does that mean? It means different things to different people – whether a healthcare professional or patient or carer or a family member or a friend. There are some amazing stories that have been shared this week from those who receive artificial nutrition as well as from those who support them. Artificial nutrition can be a lifeline, enabling patients to be who they are and who they want to be.

Find out more about the week and watch the video. @PINNTCharity states on their website “this week we aim to raise awareness about lifesaving, life-changing home treatments that provide people without the ability to eat and drink normally, a way to receive their nutrition and hydration”.

PENG are proud to support PINNT’s Home Artificial Nutrition (HAN) Week 2020 and the #ThisIsMe campaign that runs alongside which is all about the fact that everybody has a unique story, everybody on HAN is different and those around them need to recognise this i.e. it is not just nutritional needs being very individual but also their circumstances and what is important to them. All of this needs to be taken into consideration so that everybody’s experience of artificial nutrition can be tailored.

Today is #FeelGoodFriday but do not forget to look out for #SurveySaturday and #SuperSunday because there is more still to be shared by PINNT.

It is so important to raise awareness of artificial nutrition so that those who need it have access to it, and that includes access to the right healthcare professionals (including dietitians) and services to support them in the community – we need to protect this access.

People have gone out of their way to do something outside of their comfort zone during this HAN Week and PENG would like everyone in the community to challenge themselves, in the same theme of the week and share your story referencing #HANWeek2020 #ThisIsMe.




Kate Hall MSc

Registered Dietitian