International Volunteer Day is held each year on 5 December as a chance for volunteers and organisations to celebrate their efforts, to share their values, and to promote all of the fantastic work taking place in their communities.

BDA volunteers are instrumental in helping us deliver so much and we appreciate everything that they do.

We want to take this opportunity to celebrate the positive impact our volunteers make every day, not just within our own organisation but across the dietetic community and practice. Together they are helping to lead the profession by building communities for learning and support, campaigning for better care, influencing policy & practice, and representing dietetics in the media.

Our incredible volunteers give their precious time to support the profession, doing so with kindness, empathy and the desire to make the world of dietetics a better place. Our volunteers are involved in so many activities it’s difficult to name them all, but in each one they contribute their voices and expertise to improve the lives of those around them.

Of course, we are grateful to our volunteers all year round. But International Volunteers Day is a special opportunity to say thank you. We asked some staff to share their messages of thanks and appreciation for those that are so important to the work of the association.

Carlena Probert-Baulch, Volunteer Officer (Groups and Branches)

Every day I get to witness the work, ingenuity and passion of Specialist Group and Branch volunteers who are contributing, leading and acting as true ambassadors for the profession. Group and Branch volunteers are at the heart of the BDA, building communities for learning and support, promoting the profession, influencing and striving to help the dietetic community grow. Everyone has their own personal reasons for wanting to volunteer, whether it’s to gain experience, make new connections or learn new skills. Whatever the reason may be, I feel incredibly lucky to work with so many dedicated, generous and enthusiastic volunteers.”

Hayley Clarke, Specialist Groups Events/Courses Officer

“Organising events and webinars is a time-consuming task in a normal world, let alone during a pandemic! It’s amazing how much effort our group and branch volunteers have given this year to maintain their offerings of CPD to their members, despite the challenges of technology. I want to express a huge thank you to all of our volunteers who have so generously given their time to support the learning of others; it is very much appreciated.”

Tom Embury, Public Affairs Manager

“Simply put, I couldn't do my job without the very many amazing volunteers from our specialist groups and wider membership. Whether it is providing the expertise for a strong response to a government consultation, representing the BDA with important external partners, helping us brief ministers or developing our policies and guidance, our volunteers play a vital role in building the profile of the profession and ensuring the dietetic voice is heard. Of course, I can't forget all the fantastic efforts by so many of our members for Dietitians Week, whose enthusiasm and creativity make it such a fun and successful campaign!”

David Hamblin, Trade Union Organising Officer   

“We are proud of each and every one of our members who volunteer their time, energy, and expertise for the BDA Trade Union. Our trade union representatives defending members in the workplace, our newly elected NEC overseeing the direction of the BDA Trade Union, and all those who stand up for unionised dietetic workers.  All those who volunteer stand in the best tradition of their profession and their union and for that we are deeply grateful.”

John Liddle, Editor of Dietetics Today

“Quite simply, there wouldn’t be a Dietetics Today if it wasn’t for members giving up their time to write articles. As a non-dietitian, it always amazes me just how broad this profession is and I know other members value reading about the insights and experiences of their colleagues. Thank you to everyone who has written for DT in 2020.”

Rosa Parker-Hinton, Communications Manager

“Working with our volunteer media spokespeople is the absolute highlight of my working week! The work that they do, working with journalists to meet the public where they are and give them good information about nutrition, is so important and they do it all with enthusiasm, speed and professionalism. I feel honoured to work with such hard working and personable volunteers.”

Education, Practice and Policy Team

“On International Volunteers Day we would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Your time, enthusiasm and ongoing commitment in helping us is greatly appreciated.

Without your help we would have been unable to host the following events: 

  • The Research Symposium
  • The Education Forum
  • New learning courses on the learning zone
  • NIHR applicants’ workshop
  • Digital Dietitians Do… Webinars series

And complete the following projects in such a short time:

  • The BDA Curriculum Framework
  • The updated Model and Process
  • The Preceptorship Programme
  • Outcomes Framework
  • NICE consultation responses
  • New PEN content
  • Covid-19 response for members and public
  • Accreditation

Thank you,

Catherine, Chloe, Eleanor, Fiona, Judy, Menna, Najia, Ruth, Steph”

All of our volunteers deserve a massive thank you and our heartfelt appreciation for all of the work that they undertake on behalf of the BDA and the profession. We truly appreciate all of the time, effort and energy that is contributed to making the world of dietetics a better place. So, from all at the BDA, thank you for everything that you do and everything that you will do to help nurture, guide and lead the organisation. Without your help ours would be a much harder task.

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