Introducing our new ARFID Specialist Sub-Group

20 Jun 2024

As part of our continued commitment to provide excellent membership value, we are delighted to be launching our new Avoidance Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) Specialist Sub-Group.

The BDA ARFID Sub-Group provides a nationwide network of resources, education and forums for dietitians working within ARFID.

The sub-group committee has developed a friendly, welcoming, and creative space which supports members to foster learning, innovation and critical thinking within this complex area. The sub-group strives to create a space where difference is both celebrated and harnessed to improve the way we think and treat those struggling with ARFID.

The sub-group aims:

  • To support dietitians working with ARFID
  • To contribute to the limited and growing evidence base
  • To champion and promote the essential role of dietitians within ARFID care
  • To put dietitians, front and centre of practice developments

We are delighted to be formally launching as a BDA sub-group. The special interest group for dietitians has been going for four years and we are keen to see the interest in ARFID grow. Dietitians are experts within their multidisciplinary teams in malnutrition and we need to use this expertise with the ARFID population. The group are here for information, resources and support.

Our journey so far

ARFID Committee photo.jpg

Find out more about our committee here.


Prior to the official launch, the sub-group has worked closely with the Mental Health and Paediatric Specialist Groups to develop education, resources and guidelines. They were successful in developing and disseminating an internationally recognised dietetic ARFID position statement as well as delivering a BDA study day.

The sub-group has seen continued success in developing guidelines for sensory re-feeding admissions, raised awareness by contributing to media requests, have written articles for the British Journal of GPs and presented at conferences such as the International Eating Disorders Conference in London 2023.

Member benefits

The sub-group committee is excited to build on their success so far and will be developing resources and education for sub-group members, including a dietetic practice toolkit, competency standards and well as a severity matrix for improving our understanding of ARFID risks.

They aim to develop and share a wealth of resources with sub-group members including providing opportunities for dietitians, and service users, to shape the future of the sub-group.

As well as this, the ARFID sub-group members will benefit from:

  • Access to virtual CPD meetings covering a wide variety of relevant and current topics, areas of interest and guest speakers
  • Access to recordings of meetings
  • Access to our annual study event, with experts presenting on different themes each year
  • Webinars and study events on specialist topics
  • A dedicated discussion forum, 'Basecamp', providing a safe space to ask questions of fellow ARFID dietitians, share ideas and discuss current challenges.
  • A newsletter every two months after each committee meeting, containing information about projects and updates
  • Access to an online resource library
  • Committee volunteering opportunities for even greater practice impact

Join today

We are now welcoming all members of the BDA to join the ARFID Sub-Group. Membership is free if you are a member of the BDA Mental Health Specialist Group.

Already a member of the BDA Mental Health Specialist Group?

Simply log into the website and add the ARFID Specialist Sub-Group here. As a member of the Mental Health Specialist Group, you can join the ARFID Sub-Group and the Learning Disabilities and CAMHS Specialist Sub-Groups for free too!

Not a member of the BDA Mental Health Specialist Group?

The Mental Health Specialist Group costs £20 to join and now includes three specialist sub-group areas which, as a group member you can join for free. ARFID will join the already successful Learning Disabilities and CAMHS sub-groups.

Add your group memberships here. You will be able to add the ARFID Specialist Sub-Group for free after selecting the Mental Health Specialist Group.