10 Jul 2019

by Lucy Morgan, Chair of the Critical Care Specialist Group.

The Critical Care Specialist Group (CCSG) currently offer an annual poster award but following discussion with the BDA we are very pleased to announce that we will also now be hosting a new Critical Care stream at this year’s BDA Symposium on the 4 December 2019! This exciting opportunity means that there will now be two avenues by which our members can promote the fantastic work that they have undertaken and share their findings with their peers.

There have been many excellent abstracts submitted to the BDA symposium over the years, many of which relate to critical care and so it was an ideal opportunity to encourage more entrants in this specialist area. Last year’s winner of Service Evaluation was in fact a critical care themed abstract by Kaylee Allan 'A Retrospective Service Evaluation of Whether a Nasal Bridle Improves Nutritional Delivery in Critically Ill Adult Patients.

In previous years we have had a large variety of entrants to the CCSG poster award, many of which have been Masters level projects. The critical care stream at the symposium allows any project, such as research, audit and service evaluation, to be entered at any level so we are hoping it will encourage more of our members who are new to research to participate.

The CCSG are very keen to encourage and support all our members to participate in research and in 2016 we created the new committee role of Research Officer.  As a result, we were very privileged to have Liesl Wandrag join the committee, who has bought a wealth of knowledge and experience in research.  Since then, she has actively encouraged our members to undertake and develop their research skills through audit, service improvement and masters level projects. Liesl is very happy to offer advice or support for the CCSG award and symposium and can be contacted via email: Liesl.Wandrag@gstt.nhs.uk

The CCSG are providing up to five bursaries to CCSG members for the BDA Symposium 2019, which will cover the registration fee and up to £50 towards travel.  Submission is now open and will close on 22 July. All the details and advice on how to submit an abstract can be found here.

If you require any more general information please do not hesitate to contact me lucy.morgan@wales.nhs.uk

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