Sustainable Baskets

25 Sep 2020
baskets landing page image.png

Every shopping basket allows insights into the themes of our daily lives. Choices reveal the availability of money and time, skills, culture and heritage, age and status. Retailers mirror this in their products, ensuring that they match what customers want. Most grocery retailers, like Aldi, also have their own strategies around health, wellbeing and sustainability as part of their commitments to responsible business.

Most shoppers have an interest in the pricing of items. Many shoppers have an interest in the nutritional quality of items. Increasingly, environmental and ethical issues drive differentiation of choices made. These are complex issues and this project looks at an approach to modelling a healthy, sustainable basket of popular foods with a further emphasis on meeting being affordable. We focus on small, achievable shifts in popular food choices which demonstrate the choices people can make to move towards recommendations for healthier and more sustainable shopping baskets.