The future's bright, the future's unionised.

This Heart Unions Week we have heard from reps across the UK, we've talked about how to get active, the value of equalities, and much more. We're now looking ahead to see how we can put all that into practice. Ultimately the BDA Trade Union is its membership. Over the coming months we're looking at new ways to engage and support both our reps and our members. 

Health professionals have been sorely tested over the recent years and we know that they need their union by their side to help them through the difficult times. The BDA Trade Union will always be there for its members. We are looking at ways to increase the support for out reps and ensure that BDA members get the best possible representation in the workplace.

A union is for life, not just Heart Unions Week.


David Hamblin

BDA Trade Union Campaigns, Communications, and Organising Officer, BDA