Advanced Nutrition Book Series

Each title in this series is a comprehensive and critical review of key literature in its subject. Trustworthy, internationally-focused, and written specifically to meet the needs of a wide range of professionals. BDA Members get a 35% discount.*

Nutrition Analysis Software

Freelance Dietitians Specialist Group

Nutrition and dementia

Nutrition and Hydration Digest

Food Services Specialist Group Nutrition and Hydration Digest

Nutrition and Dietetic Practice

Information on the Model and Process, outcomes, records, digital practice, social media, innovation and the dietetic workforce.

Nutritional Borderline Substances

Nutrition Exchange Programme Bursaries

Northern Ireland Branch Nutrition Exchange Programme Bursaries

Medical Nutrition Company Contacts

A list of contact details for medical nutrition companies if dietitians need to contact them.

Nutritional considerations for dietitians

The One Blue Dot working group have reviewed evidence around eight of the key nutrients found in red meat and dairy foods to give dietitians a handy guide for current intakes.

Nutrition Diet Resources (NDR)

Older People Specialist group

Food labelling: nutrition information

Checking the nutrition label is a good way to compare products, make healthier choices and eat a balanced diet. This fact sheet aims to help you understand and use the nutrition information presented on the food label.

Renal Nutrition Specialist Group

Sports Nutrition Specialist Group

Introduction to Parenteral Nutrition

This course aims to provide a thorough understanding on estimating energy requirements for patients requiring Parenteral Nutrition (PN).

Marketing Nutrition Services

Freelance Dietitians Specialist Group

Role of nutrition therapy

Critical Care Specialist Group

Dietetic Support Worker Award: Nutrition and Nutrition Support

The day will cover the role of nutrition, the effect of healthy eating in the management of conditions such as type 2 diabetes and the principles of nutritional support in the management of malnutrition and chronic disease as pertinent to the dietetic support worker role.

Home Artificial Nutrition Week 2020

Introduction to Nutrition and Cancer

This course will increase the knowledge and skills in the nutritional care of adults living with and beyond cancer.

Community nutrition in Meigu, China

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