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About us

The Diabetes Sports and Exercise Sub Group aims to provide a forum for those with a specialist role and/or interest in diabetes, sport and exercise management at all levels.

Aims of the Specialist Group

  • To support dietitians in providing high-quality, evidence-based dietetic care for people with diabetes.

  • Improving the profile of dietitians within the diabetes multidisciplinary team.

  • Share good practice and resources through study days, regional events, this website, the discussion forum, newsletter and our facebook page

  • As a BDA specialist group we work closely with the BDA, Diabetes UK and other agencies including all the UK’s governments to contribute to training, education and guidelines for dietitians, people with diabetes and the wider healthcare team.

Specific Aims of the Sub Group

  • Improve knowledge, awareness, and evidence-based practice on sports and exercise management in diabetes.

  • Provide communication platforms and professional development activities through this website, the discussion forum, newsletter and our Facebook page. As well as, study days, our social media platforms, resource production and collaborations with leading diabetes experts. 

  • To work closely with BDA Diabetes Specialist Group/sub groups, BDA Sports Nutrition Group, Diabetes UK and other agencies to contribute to training, education, and guidelines to support people living with diabetes partaking in exercise


For more information, explore the site or contact a member of the sub group committee on [email protected].  

To request changes or to ask that information be added to the website please contact the website committee members (details under 'Meet the Committee')