What do industry dietitians do?

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Specialist area:

Industry specialist dietitians work in an area of dietetics where the research, development and production of nutritional products, services, resources and communications are the main outputs. Industry can include both medical nutrition and commercial enterprises.

What do industry based dietitians help with?

Similar to clinical dietitians, industry based dietitians apply their nutritional knowledge and skills across a huge range of specialisms.

Industry based dietitians represent the dietetic community within industry; aiming to promote and apply sound nutritional principles in the work they do within their varied roles.

This can include the development of nutritional products and services, marketing and communications, scientific research, nutritional strategy and policy, food regulation and safety, education and training, to name but a few!

Who do industry based dietitians help?

Industry based dietitians help both the general public and fellow dietitians to access quality products and services; and provide evidence-based information and resources, which are vital to facilitate optimal nutritional status and improve the nutritional quality of products.

The research, development and communication work carried out by industry based dietitians supports the dietetic community with some of the tools needed to manage a huge range of patients and service users.

Industry dietitians can also facilitate and support the direction of nutritional policy and strategy at a national and international level, by contributing to the development of recommendations, guidelines and legislation. As well as providing businesses with understanding of nutrition through communications and marketing.

How do industry based dietitians work?

Industry based dietitians work as part of multidisciplinary teams, just like clinical dietitians. Often leading on or contributing to a wide range of projects and processes that occur within industry. Industry dietitians will work with all kinds of people as part of any business or organisation they work within, for example, manufacturers, marketeers, finance and supply chain specialists and sales teams. It's very common for industry dietitians to work with fellow clinical dietitians, other healthcare professionals, academics, specialist organisations and charities to collaborate on projects and research.

Industry based dietitians can be found working throughout the life cycle of a nutritional product,  service or publication. For example, in the development of a product.

You’ll find Industry dietitians from the research and development stages where the product’s concept and application will be explored; to the regulation of the product to ensure it is appropriate and safe to use; and ensuring any nutrition and health claims are substantiated. To the launch of the product where dietitians  communicate key information to product users, providing the evidence based material they need to use the product.

Industry based dietitians adhere to the BDA Code of Professional Conduct and comply with HCPC requirements.

Where do industry dietitians work?

All over the place! Industry based dietitians can be found in offices, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, lecture rooms and conference halls, clinical dietetic departments, and all sorts of other places. The type of products or services can vary a lot but will include medical nutrition and food manufacturers, also pharmaceuticals and food supplements.

Dietitians may work at a set location or remotely, which can include travel – locally, nationally or internationally.

Wherever we work, we work to represent and promote dietetics; ensuring the utilisation of evidence-based nutritional information and supporting innovation to benefit the dietetic community and its service users.

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