What do maternal and fertility dietitians do?


Specialist areas:

  • Maternal health and nutrition (pre-conception, ante and post natal)

  • Weight management in pregnancy

  • Gestational diabetes

  • Fertility nutrition in females and males

  • Those undergoing fertility treatment such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF)

What do maternal and fertility nutrition dietitians help with?

They provide the most up-to-date dietary and lifestyle advice based on evidence. Some advise on national policy and guidelines. Others research maternal health and fertility nutrition.

Who do maternal and fertility nutrition dietitians help?

They provide dietary and lifestyle advice and support if you:

  • are trying to conceive (become pregnant)

  • have a pre-existing medical condition and are planning a pregnancy

  • are undergoing fertility treatment

  • are pregnant

  • have complex/multiple pregnancies

How do maternal and fertility nutrition dietitians work?

Maternal and fertility dietitians may work on their own or as part of a team. This may include a specialist doctor, a specialist nurse, midwife and a psychologist.

They give diet and lifestyle advice to help improve chances of conception or healthier pregnancy. They form plans for eating habits, food, activity levels and general health. They will take into account your preferences and cultural needs. 

Where do maternal and fertility nutrition dietitians work?

They provide one-to-one or group appointments in hospital or community settings. You may also see them in a private healthcare or fertility clinic setting.

You can also pay to see a maternal and fertility nutrition dietitian in private practice.

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