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About us

The BDA Neurosciences specialist group of the BDA was created in 2012, to act as a professional forum for dietitians working within the fields of neurology, stroke, neurosurgery and neuro-rehabilitation. 

As a network of dietitians who work or have an interest in neurosciences we regularly share expertise, knowledge, resources and service developments, whilst providing a ‘dietetic voice’ to national policy and guidelines pertaining to neurosciences.  We collaborate with other agencies such as the Motor Neurone Disease Association, the MS Society and Parkinson’s UK and seek to encourage and support Group members as life-long learners with study days and involvement in research and audit activity, all with the aim of constantly improving patients’ care. 


The aims are:

  • To provide a network for dietitians and other members of the BDA who work within or have an interest in neurosciences to share expertise, knowledge and service developments;
  • To influence national policy and guidance with respect to nutrition and long-term neurological conditions on behalf of the BDA, and prepare consensus statements. This will be carried out using robust evidence based practice;
  • To provide an environment for dietitians and other health care professionals to support their training and education through study days, newsletters, meetings and publications in association with the BDA CED;
  • To facilitate original research and audit amongst group members and promote the sharing of results and findings at a regional and national level. This includes conferences and in peer reviewed journals;
  • Support the development of resources such as newsletters, standards, guidance or patient information on the nutritional management of long-term neurological conditions;
  • Provide an annual bursary (where available) to support a member and committee member to undertake CPD in relation to the nutritional management of long-term neurological conditions in the acute and community setting, and share this with members of the group and the wider BDA membership. This will be dependent on sufficient funds being available;
  • On behalf of the BDA, to respond to enquiries from the media and other organisations with respect to the nutritional management of long-term neurological conditions.


If you would like to know more about our group’s activity please email: [email protected]