Support Worker Apprenticeships

There are health and social care apprenticeships available that can lead to a job in the Dietetic workforce. In order to progress as a member of the dietetic support workforce it is important to seek an apprenticeship with the appropriate learning outcomes suitable for roles in dietetics:

England Level 2 - Healthcare support worker

England Level 3 - Senior healthcare support worker (therapy option)

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education provides an overview of the Senior Healthcare support worker (therapy option) role and the standard for the occupation. 

Wales Level 4 - Therapy Assistant Practitioner

Details of the Wales Therapy Assistant Practitioner apprenticeship can be found on the Apprentice Certification Wales webpage.

England Level 5 - Assistant Practitioner (health) - Dietetics.

As part of the national implementation of the Level 5 Assistant Practitioner apprenticeship for the AHP support workforce, a working group was formed to develop a ‘Assistant Practitioner Skills Framework’ for Dietetics. Training providers will use the relevant ‘Assistant Practitioner Skills Framework’ to support with their contextualised Assistant Practitioner apprenticeship.

Becoming a Support Worker apprentice in Scotland

Becoming a Modern Apprentice is a great way to start your career. You'll be employed by an NHSScotland Board while you work towards an industry-recognised qualification with a college or learning provider.

Further information on the Healthcare Support Modern Apprenticeship standard can be found on the Skills for Scotland webpage.

What you need to know about Support Worker apprenticeships

  • Apprenticeships can take between one and five years to complete. 
  • anyone over the age of 16 can do one.
  • over a week, you're likely to spend the equivalent of four days on work placement and one day at a training centre or college.
  • you'll develop your skills, including English and maths.
  • you'll gain a competence qualification (based on what you can do in the workplace) and a knowledge qualification, or a qualification combining both

What to do if you are interested in pursuing a Support Worker apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are employer led so if you are already in a relevant health and care profession role you should start by having a discussion with your manager explaining how you believe undertaking an apprenticeship will support you to bring:

  • additional skills to the service
  • benefits to patients
  • benefits to your service
  • Seek their approval and support to undertake an apprenticeship.

If you are looking to join the Support Workforce, employers such as the NHS may offer new jobs out to advert as an apprenticeship. In this case there would be a competitive recruitment process and roles would be advertised on NHS Jobs.  You can find out more on NHS apprenticeships here: NHS apprenticeships | NHS Health Careers.

Join the growing BDA student community

If you’re working part-time as a member of the dietetic support workforce while you study a pre-registration dietetic degree course, you can sign up as an Associate Student member and get all the benefits of BDA student membership plus added insurance protection and employment support.

Click here for full eligability criteria and how to join as an Associate Student member.

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