Underpinning the strategy through four cornerstones

By 2034 the organisation will demonstrate continuous improvement in areas of: operational excellence, EDI, climate impact and we will be delivering more effectively in each of the four nations.

Excellence behind the scenes

By 2034 BDA members will have...

  • Seamless and standardised policies, processes and systems
  • A stable, effective, responsive and affordable operational infrastructure
  • Digital platforms that are fit for purpose, automated where possible and personalised where appropriate
  • A governance framework which supports the delivery of the strategy and governance mechanisms and is clear, planned, proportionate and transparent
  • A greater presence in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland through proactive recruitment, employment and support for member activity
  • A BDA team that feels supported to deliver, is diverse and succession planning for key roles is in place

A diverse and inclusive profession

By 2034 BDA members will have...

  • A profession growing in diversity that better reflects the population accessing services
  • A profession that is confident and has the tools to work with people from different backgrounds and demonstrate leadership in matters of EDI
  • Confidence that they are safe and included in their workplace and other professional environments

Having a positive impact on the planet

By 2034 BDA members will have...

  • A professional association that has 45% reduction in our CO2 emissions and is making further progress towards Net Zero by 2050
  • Changed working lives as part of the transition to greener jobs and a more sustainable NHS
  • A solid understanding of the impact of food and drink recommendations on the climate
  • Recognition for their expertise on food and climate change

Delivering in each nation

By 2034 BDA members will have...

  • Additional growth in membership in each of the four nations of 40% or more
  • Tools to engage and support the aims of the five public affairs campaigns in each nation
  • A stronger voice in each of the collective bargaining structures
  • Full coverage of dedicated reps along with dedicated employment relations support to ensure maximum cover in each employer and full participation in national structures and campaigns
  • Improved democratic accountability between each country Employment Relations Committee and TUNEC with good communications and dedicated campaign plans
  • Parity of pay, terms and conditions across the four nations
  • An apprenticeship programme at all levels from the support workforce to consultant level available in each country
  • A set of case studies illustrating the scope of advanced practice roles within each country
  • At least one engagement event annually in each country to share progress on BDA education, practice, workforce and research projects, and invite input from our members
  • Representation on every specialist group committee from each of the four nations and active local branches