Growing our membership community

Building connections across dietetics and nutrition, supporting specialist groups, promoting the sharing of expertise and knowledge, and building connections with other professions.


By 2034 BDA members will have…

Between now and 2027 the BDA will deliver...


A thriving, dynamic, diverse and inclusive community.


A membership base of 13,000 with reporting to the Board on membership diversity.

New accessible online service offerings to all members which support the wider work programme.

Growth in Sports, Exercise and Nutrition Register with a 20 % increase of Practitioner and Academic Registrants and a 15 % increase of Endorsed and Accredited programmes


A community that supports, promotes and advances the dietetic profession.

Targeted action to grow interest in joining the profession at all levels and age groups through career adviser awareness, supported by career tools on the website.

Recruitment of new members through the promotion of the value of BDA membership and retention.


A membership which is actively engaged in volunteering and advancing our expert specialist group networks.

An increase to 60% of members belonging to at least one specialist group.

A volunteer support plan, having conducted a listening exercise with at least 10% of our members represented.

Updated service offerings to groups and branches through a consultation process.


Benefits from BDA partnerships that will add value for members.

A partnership income increase of 15% to support the wider business and deliver member benefits.

A plan for each of our commercial partners to amplify the voice of the BDA generally and relevant specialist groups specifically.


A community which is comprised of experts leading and delivering education, training, advice, resources and expertise to support and develop the dietetic body of knowledge.

A mechanism for better understanding member interests, priorities and expertise to create meaningful connections to influence at all levels.

An increased number of core BDA annual events and all will be accessible for our diverse membership.


A go-to authority for business, public sector, the media and the public to access nutritional/dietetic expertise and the leading trusted body of expert nutrition and dietetic professionals worldwide.

An established profile of dietetic clinical experts as recognised leaders in the science of nutrition and dietetic practice, research and innovation focussed on improving the health and wellbeing of the UK population.