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Angela Ntiero

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Angela Ntiero
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- United Kingdom

Angela Ntiero
Registered Specialist Dietitian
I’ve been a registered Dietitian for the past 18 years. Over this time I have worked in a number of different clinical and industry roles. From starting out as diabetes and hyperlipidaemia specialist dietitian to working for an award leading pub company to  support them with calorie and allergen labelling information. My most recent roles to date include working as the professional lead dietitian for one of UK’s leading private mental healthcare companies alongside a clinical dietetic role specialising in lung defence and cystic fibrosis. I have been extremely fortunate in having gained a range of clinical skills throughout my career. Current specialisms include, mental health and eating disorders, weight loss, diabetes, nutrition support, home enteral feeding, cystic fibrosis, public health promotion, calories and allergen labelling support.