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Cristian Costas batlle

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London United Kingdom

Cristian is gastroenterology dietitian who specialises in coeliac disease and has over 6 years experience working with hospital inpatients and outpatients with digestive conditions in the NHS.

Since he specialises in coeliac disease he can help you in the diagnosis process if you want to get tested for it and if diagnosed he can explain the diagnosis, offer thorough education and support with the gluten free diet, help manage ongoing symptoms, advise on what bloods may be needed, provide support if finding it difficult to follow the diet and offer annual check ups to ensure everything is going well, since national health guidelines recommend that people with coeliac disease have an annual check-up with a health professional.

Furthermore Cristian also support peoples with other gluten related disorders (i.e gluten ataxia, dermatitis herpetiformis, non-coeliac gluten/wheat sensitivity) as well as other digestive health issues including reflux disease, food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. 
In 2020 he won a national dietitian recognition award from GUTS UK and Dr. Falk for improving patient care through building an exemplary dietetic-led coeliac service in the NHS and in 2021 he was a double CN national award winner as Clinical Nutrition Professional Of The Year and Social Media Personality Of The Year through his work in the field of coeliac disease. 
He also regularly lectures on coeliac disease and service development at a university level and works on different projects with companies within the nutrition industry.