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Karen Hawthorne

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Hawthorne Health
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Penrith United Kingdom

I can help you reduce and prevent complications of disease by working with you to achieve effective dietary changes that suit you.

Have you been told that you can’t eat certain foods because of your diabetes?
Or that you must lose weight to prevent high blood pressure and its consequences?
Have you been told your kidneys aren’t working as well as they were and wonder if there is anything you can do to help them?
Are you worried about your never going to be able to lose weight or get your diabetes controlled?
If you’re saying yes to any of the above, I know how you feel, having worked with 1000's of patients as a renal specialist dietitian for 5 years and in dietetics for over 10 years.
Here is how I help:
1. Free 15 minute initial consultation for you to explore your needs and ex-amine the facts.
2. Full consultation to look at your medical history medication and previous advice and agree new goals.
3. Follow up consultation to evaluate what is working and set new goals
4. Full macro and micro nutrient analysis to check for deficiencies.
5. Empower you with the skills you need to make good food choices that benefit your health
6. Enable you to understand how the dietary changes we agree will improve your life.
Book your free 15 minute consultation now via phone or email.
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Dietetic Services Provided in Penrith