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Ms Maeve Hanan

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Dietetically Speaking
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South Shields United Kingdom

Myself and my team of Registered Dietitians support those who struggle with a difficult relationship with food in the Dietetically Speaking Online Clinic.

The clients we work with can be anywhere on the spectrum from food anxiety, chronic dieting, disordered eating or a diagnosed eating disorder. All eating difficulties are valid and deserving of support. We help our clients to achieve a peaceful, free and flexible relationship with food.

We have a variety of experience and training related to our specialist area of eating disorders, disordered eating and intuitive eating. As well this, our Dietitians also have training and experience related to other nutritional concerns including: sports nutrition, gut health & IBS, women’s health and nutritional deficiencies.

Our Dietitians work in an evidence-based, compassionate, person-centred and weight-inclusive way. You are the expert of your own life, so we are there to support and empower you, rather than just telling you what to do. Think of us as your tour guide, there alongside you on your journey to a more peaceful relationship with food.

We also offer some services for businesses such as consultancy, nutrition writing and webinars.