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Mr Rowan Byrne

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London, Greater London United Kingdom
Rowan is a SENr Registered Sports Dietitian and Performance Nutritionist based in London. His clients include athletes and active people of all levels, ages and abilities. Typically he provides support via 1-to-1 sessions, both virtually and in person. These sessions are perfect for those wanting the structure and support to devise and deploy a nutrition plan uniquely tailored to their needs. Rowan also provides group nutrition support to sports clubs and teams, which is such an efficient way of supporting large groups of youth or adult athletes and helping up-skill their nutrition and hydration knowledge so they know what and when to eat for their training, recovery, and competition. 

As well as supporting clients with their active lifestyles, Rowan provides dietary advice and support as part of a workplace wellness package. When up to 60% of our meals can be consumed in the workplace, supporting employees' dietary intake and healthful habits can lead to better resilience and robustness and improved workplace well-being.

Rowan has worked in the fitness and nutrition industry for over two decades. Working as a  Certified Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, he has supported hundreds of people to realise their individual fitness and sporting goals. As a performance nutritionist and registered sports dietitian, he helps provide tailored nutritional advice that is applicable and easy to implement for his clients. His ultimate philosophy of working with any client is to up-skill their knowledge so they can plan and provide the nutrition they need to truly thrive.

Away from providing client services, Rowan is committed to 'continued professional development and 'evidence-based practice' and attends regular seminars, workshops and conferences to ensure his services are credible and current.

Rowan is passionate about working with clients to help facilitate optimal nutritional intake so they are better fueled for training, recovery, competition and life.

Get in touch with any questions you may have about the nutrition services available and how these could be matched to your personal needs. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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