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Mrs Sarah Curry

MSc, RD, cPT
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BDA Freelance Dietitians
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Moira United Kingdom

I am a trauma-informed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specialising in eating disorders, body image, and IBS. My philosophy of nutrition is built on a framework of intuitive eating and that body shape is an unreliable indicator of health. I am science-driven and realistic, and will approach your care with compassion and non-judgement.

My connection to my work in eating difficulties stems from the massive role food plays in our lives. By removing obstacles of fear and misconceptions around food, it clears the path for more presence in our relationships, the roles we play, and even in the actual pleasure that comes from food. My passion is to empower you to see you truly can take off the burden of fear of food and warring with your body to live a whole life beyond.

I have extensive training in eating disorders, body image work, Intuitive Eating, MONASH FODMAP training, trauma-informed care as well as sports nutrition. I am also DBT, RO-DBT, ACT, and CBT-ED informed and can easily jump into a care team who uses the same models.

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