Sustainable Eats Recipe Downloads with Quorn Foods

Veggie Rebel recipe downloads

Members told us they wanted practical tools with more information on ‘how-to’ make switches to motivate the public to make these crucial shifts, so we have made these specifically for you to share!

Through five familiar recipes, Sustainable Eats represents a 3-step journey, to highlight that small changes to recipes can have a big impact on our nutrition and individual carbon footprint. 


Fajita Wrap - Veggie Rebel Recipe


Spaghetti Bolognese - Veggie Rebel Recipe


Tikka Masala - Veggie Rebel Recipe


Paella - Veggie Rebel Recipe


Classic Chili - Veggie Rebel Recipe


How to use these Recipes

We want to help make as many people as possible think about healthier and more sustainable swaps which they can use in everyday life, so please try out and share these recipe’s via your social media accounts, in presentations, on your own websites and help us spread the word!

When sharing or using these recipes online, please use these acknowledgements - from The British Dietetic Association in association with Quorn and link to

For more information on the methodology behind this initiative please visit our resources section.