Dietetic Support Workforce

Associate Membership

The BDA membership community supports the whole dietetic workforce. Join hundreds of other support staff in being an Associate member of your professional community.

Recognising the AHP Support Workforce

AHP support workers are a crucial part of the workforce, yet many report feeling invisible. This statement calls for UK-wide career development and progression frameworks for AHP support workers.

Professional Guidance

Access important and relevant professional guidance to aid you in your practice including; outcomes information, The Model and Process, insurance, codes of professional conduct and more.

Dietetic Support Workforce Celebration

On 3 May we said thank you to the Dietetic Support Workforce and recognised their vital work, holding up our profession and supporting service users every day.

Dorothy Hopwood Award

The Dorothy Hopwood Award for Professional Achievement recognises a dietetic support worker who has made a valuable and significant contribution to the profession.

Learning and Development

The Dietetic Support Workforce have a responsibility to keep your knowledge and skills up to date. Access our resources to support you and develop your career.

Code of Conduct

As a BDA associate member, and member of the dietetic workforce it is important you understand your personal responsibilities in practice; how you are accountable for the interventions you provide and how to provide good care.

Latest news and resources

See how our associate members and other members of the Support Workforce are making a difference in practice; and find out the latest news, updates and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page has the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our Support Workforce and their roles in practice.

Support Workforce Framework

The Framework is designed for individual members of the Support Workforce, to use in conjunction with their dietetic managers and/or service lead to develop their career and continual professional development.

Dietetic Careers Case Studies

Working as a part of the Dietetic Workforce is a secure and rewarding career. The NHS offers an exciting and diverse range of opportunities.