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About us

Welcome to the new BDA First Contact Specialist Group! Find out more about the group, our aims, plans and how you can join below.

We are the new BDA First Contact Specialist Group, for those working in or those who have an interest in First Contact Practitioner (FCP) roles, across the country. This is an exciting, developing role for dietitians, which enables us to work more autonomously, and improves access to primary care as well as patient experience.

We welcome those already in roles or those who are looking to work in FCP roles as well as student members. You may also work in Primary Care but not currently be working towards the FCP Roadmap.

Please see our resources to find out more about these roles and join the group for access to full resources and CPD material and opportunities.

Aims and objectives 

  • To support dietitians progressing within First Contact Practice through peer support, informal supervision opportunities and networking 
  • To develop and promote CPD opportunities for First Contact Practice and the wider dietetic community. Being advocates will raise the profile of First Contact Practice and how it relates to dietetic practice 
  • Understand and measure the impact of First Contact Dietitians
  • Grow the evidence base for dietetic practice in primary care utilising data and digital opportunities 
  • Improve understanding of the First Contact Dietitian role and increase engagement with the wider multi-professional primary care team
  • Improve and enhance pathways of practice between primary, community and secondary care 
  • Maintain and update the resources related to First Contact Dietitians, including BDA primary care webpages   
  • The specialist group will be able to support and sustain with elements of the recent BDA dietetic workforce projects (e.g., standardised language, digital, EDI)  

This is a really exciting time for dietitians, FCP roles enable us to work more autonomously as diagnosticians in our specialist areas. They are an extremely important part of the plan to solve the issue of access to primary care, they ensure that patients get to see the right person at the right time. As a committee we are keen to work on supporting and representing FCPs and the profession to progress the role, and we are really excited to work with you all to achieve this!

Joe Alvarez, Chair

Contact us on [email protected].