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The BDA Food Allergy Specialist Group was formed in 2002. The group has over 350 members and holds meetings twice a year, in addition to being involved in meetings from the British Society for Allergy and Immunology (BSACI).

Members are registered dietitians who are involved in the field of allergy, many of whom have a high level of expertise in the care of children and adults with food allergies. This includes specialist input into the diagnosis and management of food allergy, including supporting patients and their families with tailored dietary advice following diagnosis.

Many members are also actively involved in research projects within the field of food allergy and intolerance (also referred to as food hypersensitivity), presenting this work in publications and at national and international allergy conferences. This work has contributed significantly to the development of practical approaches to the diagnosis and management of food allergy. 

The Food Allergy Specialist Group has experienced and dedicated dietitians on the committee and over the years the group have made significant progress with regards to sharing resources with other health care professionals and putting together position statements and advising Government Agencies such as the Food Standards Agency. Members debate issues and share information with regards to food allergy and intolerance using an email network and through their meetings.


To encourage, support and disseminate best evidence-based practice, and influence the development of the dietitian’s role in the food allergy and intolerance field at national and international level.

The Food Allergy Specialist Group aims to support dietitians working in this field by maximizing multi-disciplinary training opportunities, so all can share and learn from best allergy practice. The group is committed to promoting communication with other specialities in order to strengthen links and further their understanding of food hypersensitivity. A more recent development instigated by members of FASG is the International Network for Diet And Nutrition in Allergy (INDANA) (more information can be found on


  1. To facilitate dietitians working in food allergy and intolerance to employ the best/evidence based practice.
  2. To act as a voice of professional expertise for and on behalf of dietitians working in food allergy and intolerance.

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If you would like to know more about Food Allergy group or would like to contact one of the committee members, please email the Food Allergy Group