What do food allergy dietitians do?

Specialist area:


Allergies and intolerances, sometimes known as hypersensitivity to food in children and adults.

What food allergy dietitians help with:

If you or your family have a food allergy, food allergy dietitians can help you to eat well. They can also help you to spot when you have a food allergy or hypersensitivity.

Some food allergy dietitians research new ways to find and manage food allergies.

Who do food allergy dietitians help?

Anyone with a food allergy, or their family, from babies to older people.

How do food allergy dietitians work?

Your food allergy dietitian is an expert in food allergy and intolerance. They will work with your nurses, doctors, hospital cooks and others to make sure you, or your child, get the diagnosis and treatment you need.

Your dietitian may also help you plan the best foods to buy and prepare for yourself or your family.

Where do food allergy dietitians work?

You are most likely to see your food allergy dietitian in hospital. You may also see them in your GP surgery.  

You can also pay to see a food allergy dietitian privately. You can find more information about private practice and freelance dietitians here.

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