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About us

The BDA Food Services specialist group raises awareness of the vital role played by appropriate and enjoyable food and beverage services in all sectors.

The Group’s growing membership includes clinical dietitians, dietitians working closely with catering colleagues, and dietitians employed within the food industry.  

We foster a pragmatic approach to successfully catering for wide-ranging nutritional and cultural needs within the complex operational and budgetary constraints and political demands typical in today’s public sector settings.

Our significant team-work is demonstrated by Food Counts’ 2012 publication of the peer-reviewed BDA best practice document, ‘The Nutrition and Hydration Digest: improving outcomes through food and beverage services’ (The Digest)


  • To promote good nutritional practices through food and beverage services;
  • To provide a focus for sharing good practice within food service;
  • To raise the profile of the importance of food by providing a forum for collaboration and communication.


To be the recognised expert group within the dietetic profession that:

  • Focuses on food provision within food service settings;
  • Shares good practice;
  • Sets standards and guidelines;
  • Creates positive inter-professional relationships;
  • Supports and educates on dietetics and nutrition within food service.