What do food services dietitians do?

Specialist area:

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Food Services

What food services dietitians help with:

Food services dietitians work with organisations that provide food to the public. They may develop recipes, plan menus or help create menus for people with a health condition. Food services dietitians are also experts in food labelling and allergy information.

Who do food services dietitians help?

A food services dietitian can help any organisation provide healthy, appropriate food. They can support with any kind of diet, from healthy adults to very specialist.  

How do food services dietitians work?

A food services dietitian may work as part of a larger team creating recipes, or as part of the catering team in a hospital setting. Their role will be to analyse meals/recipes, to make sure they are healthy and meet guidelines.

Where do food services dietitians work?

Food services dietitians work in hospitals, schools, care homes and prisons. They may also work for companies developing ready meals, and in larger workplaces to plan healthy food for the employees. 

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