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About us

Welcome to the web pages for the the BDA Gastroenterology specialist group.


  • Support and develop high quality evidence based dietetic practice within gastroenterology and hepatology.
  • Provide up to date evidence-based information on dietary treatment of gastrointestinal and hepatic conditions to dietitians and other health professionals.
  • Encourage and enable continued educational development within our membership.
  • Promote the benefits of the dietitian's role.
  • Provide clear and easy to understand evidence-based information to dietitians, patients, other health care providers and the media/public.
  • Ensure the financial security and sustainability of the GSG.


  • Produce and update evidence-based practice guidance documents (clinical guidelines, professional consensus statements, position statements) for the dietetic management of gastrointestinal diseases and disorders in adults for UK dietitians to use, in primary and secondary care, through our GSG Clinical Leads. Initiation and coordination will be with the Clinical Quality Policy Officer of the BDA to ensure high quality production, with development through PEN.
  • Provide high quality, clear and balanced, evidence based dietetic and patient resources to facilitate the implementation of our evidence based professional guidelines. We aim to produce BDA resources for patients, dietitians and the public at minimal pricing, supporting widest possible usage within NHS and UK private clinical practice, co-ordinating with relevant charities and any other organisations where possible.
  • Facilitate learning by holding study days.
  • Promote dietetic involvement in research and audit.
  • Encourage good working relationships with other health care providers to enhance our knowledge, understanding and professionalism.
  • Share experiences and provide a channel for communication.
  • Provide support and mentorship to dietitians working in our field.