What do obesity dietitians do?


Specialist area:

Overweight, obesity and weight management 

What obesity specialist dietitians help with:

If you are living with overweight or obesity, obesity specialist dietitians can support you to build the knowledge, confidence and skills to achieve your health and weight management goals. They can also support food & fitness initiatives with local communities.

Some obesity specialist dietitians advise on national policy & guidelines to improve the health of the population as well as having a role in researching the best treatment & prevention options for obesity.

Who do obesity specialist dietitians help?

An obesity specialist dietitian can support you if you are living with overweight or obesity at any age, as well as if you also have other health conditions.

How do obesity specialist dietitians work?

Your obesity specialist dietitian will usually work with a team which may include a doctor, physiotherapist or psychologist. The team will work with you to form a plan for your eating patterns, food, activity levels & wellbeing that takes into account your personal goals, preferences and cultural needs.

Where do obesity specialist dietitians work?

You are likely to see your obesity specialist dietitian in one-to-one or group appointments in a specialist clinic or in your community setting. They may also visit you at home when needed.

You can also pay to see an obesity specialist dietitian in private practice.

Some obesity specialist dietitians also work in universities, research centres and the commercial sector.

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