What do older people's dietitians do?


Specialist area:

Older People

What older people’s dietitians help with:

Older people’s dietitians can help you, or your relative, get the right food and drink to keep healthy as you age and recover from any health difficulties you may have.

Who do older people’s dietitians help?

Older people’s dietitians help adults over 65 who need support to eat and drink well for their health.

How do dietitians work?

Your older people’s dietitian will work with your GP, consultants, nurses and other health and care professionals to support your nutritional needs.

As an older adult, you often need to eat differently from younger adults, so national healthy eating guidelines may not be right for you. Weight loss is not a normal part of aging, but you may lose your appetite as you get older, or struggle to eat for other reasons.

Getting enough energy and protein is very important as you get older. Your older people’s dietitian will support you to adapt your eating patterns and food choices to support goals of your choice, that are suitable to your lifestyle.

Where do dietitians work?

You may see your older people’s dietitian in hospital; on the wards or in clinic. Older people’s dietitians play a key role in keeping you out of hospital, so dietitians also work in the community closer to your home – promoting eating well in later life.

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