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About us

The BDA Oncology Specialist Group started out as an interest group in 1988, formed by a group of dietitians working with patients diagnosed with cancer. In 1998 the interest group became a BDA specialist group.

Membership of the group is on an individual basis. There are over 300 members, annually. Members receive two newsletters a year and the opportunity to attend a free study day held once a year.

The Oncology Group has five sub groups (below) and members are able to join these sub groups with no additional charge to their annual subscription. Sub groups have their own newsletters and/or forums for sharing information and best practice.

  1. Palliative Care
  2. Upper Gastrointestinal
  3. Head & Neck
  4. Haematology
  5. Prehabilitation

The secretary keeps an up-to-date list of all members, producing a national network of oncology dietitians database, which is shared via email and is invaluable for sharing information and best practice.

The Oncology Group is often approached to comment on national documents or to get involved in projects such as the National Cancer Rehabilitation Pathways so members may get an opportunity to contribute to these national initiatives.

Contributions for the newsletter are always welcome, alongside suggestions for topics for future study days.


The aims are:

  • To provide a network for dietitians working in oncology through the main group and specialist subgroups.
  • To influence national policy and guidance with respect to nutrition and cancer.
  • To provide an environment for dietitians and other health care professionals to learn about nutrition and cancer through study days and newsletters.
  • To provide advice to charities and other organisations with respect to nutrition and cancer.
  • Help facilitate research and audit amongst members of the group.
  • Support the development of materials on nutrition and cancer such as newsletters, standards, guidance or patient information.