What do oncology dietitians do?

Specialist area:


What oncology dietitians help with:

Oncology dietitians can support you to eat and drink well if you have a diagnosis of cancer. Good nutrition can help your treatment and quality of life.

Who do oncology dietitians help?

Your oncology dietitian can help you if you have a diagnosis of cancer. They can also help your family and carers, and can advise healthcare professionals who are supporting you. Oncology dietitians can help you before, during or after treatment.

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How do oncology dietitians work?

Your oncology dietitian will work with you and your GP, consultants, nurses and other health professionals. They can assess what nutrition advice you need at each stage of your care. This may include making the most of what you are eating, supporting you with your weight and strength, or using special nutrition if required.

Where do oncology dietitians work?

You are likely to see your oncology dietitian where you have your treatment. You may also see them in your home or local healthcare setting.   

Some oncology dietitians also work with charities or groups to give talks or write information leaflets.

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