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The BDA Autism Sub Group (formerly Dietitians in Autism, and Paediatric Autism) is a sub-group of the Paediatric Specialist Group of the British Dietetic Association. 

Our group was established in around 1990 and has grown to provide a network for more than three hundred dietitians who work in the NHS, private practice and higher education who work with, or have an interest in, children and adults with autistic spectrum disorder/condition (ASD). The sub-group also has close links to the BDA Mental Health Group.

More information for dietitians

All dietitians have a responsibility to ensure they provide equitable care for all. If you are feel that you have a gap in your knowledge when it comes to the complexities of feeding and nutrition problems individuals with ASD often face, then joining this group can support you in many ways.  

Our group provides support via biannual meetings (for details see links to the left). We aim to record any presentations from our meetings to be shared for any members who are unable to attend. 

In our dedicated discussion forum members ask clinical questions, share information and patient handouts and discuss new research and guidelines. Many of our members have many years' experience of working with individuals with ASD and they freely and generously share their expertise and advice. Some of our members also have family members with ASD.

Group membership is currently free for all BDA members who are a member of one or more specialist groups. For more information contact Emma Jordan, sub-group chair at, or join via your 'My BDA' page