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The Renal Nutrition Group (RNG) is the leading source of expertise for renal nutrition in the UK. Our membership is made up of over 360 dietitians who have an interest in the specialist field of renal medicine and nutrition, through clinical practice or research.  

We work to promote the role of the renal dietitian within our multidisciplinary teams, to our service users and to other healthcare professionals. We are committed to delivering accurate, comprehensive information to facilitate standardised practice and demonstrate clinical effectiveness.

The BDA Renal Nutrition specialist group is dynamic; throughout the year it delivers expert advice and encourages sharing of practice to meet the needs of the diverse roles of the renal dietitian. Our members share online discussions, evidence based resources, audit databases, research, business meetings, professional development days and courses.

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The aims of the BDA Renal Nutrition group are:

  • To support and develop high quality evidence based dietetic practice for renal nutrition in the UK.
  • To provide up to date evidence based information on dietary treatment of renal conditions to dietitians, other health professionals and the media/public.
  • To encourage and enable continued professional development (CPD) within our membership.
  • To promote the renal dietitian's role working within the renal multidisciplinary team particularly with regards to the advanced role of supplementary prescribing.
  • To update the national workforce development document working closely with our UKKA (UK Kidney Assocation) colleagues.
  • To explore and guide our membership on the use of new technologies by looking and developing guidelines on current mobile apps available and work with the BDA to develop online resources.
  • To continue joint working with appropriate bodies including the UKKA and Kidney Care UK in developing and updating resources for patients, the public and health care professionals
  • To continue joint working with appropriate professional bodies, including the UKKA and BDA to develop national guidelines, and CPD sessions for our members and members of the multi-professional team.


RNG membership includes membership to the UKKA and access to the Journal of Renal Nutrition, plus access to previous CPD sessions and a range of resources.

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