Read more about our current projects here:

We will keep the information updated so that you can follow progress. Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas about our projects so that what we produce can be the best possible support for you and our patients.

You don't need to be a committee member to work on a project. We welcome dietitians from all over the UK onto our working groups. Resources are developed using shared drives and distance meetings. You can be involved as much or as little as you like.

At the moment more members would be welcome in our Leaflet Resources Group to continue to develop our bank of infomation for people with kidney disease. But please let us know if you have a particular interest in any of the others, and would like to join.

We have many ongoing projects and expect to receive more requests in the future. We have built good working relationships with charities and other renal bodies, and they are asking for our contribution. Additionally, it’s more important now than ever that we share resources to protect all of our time. This all means there are many opportunities for you to get involved in the wider aspects of renal dietetics.

Interested in being part of a project?

If you have a particular knowledge or expertise in the topics, volunteering would be a good way to use your skill to make a difference. Creating a resource, collaborating, or reviewing, would all be valued.

If you are new to the subject, working together is also a great way to gain more experience in an area that interests you.  We would support you as needed. Working with other renal dietitians from different areas is excellent for CPD and networking. Being part of your profession, contributing nationally to the quality of our patients’ care, and promoting renal dietetics can be rewarding in itself.

If you would like to contribute to any of our projects please get in touch using the email below.

[email protected]