What do renal dietitians do?

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What renal dietitians help with:

Renal dietitians educate and empower people with any kind of kidney condition to make the food and drink choices that support their health.

Who do renal dietitians help?

Your renal dietitian can help you if your kidneys are not working well. For example, if you have acute and chronic kidney disease, kidney stones, dialysis, kidney transplant or polycystic kidneys.

Your renal dietitian will help you and your family to manage your condition. They will also support you during any treatment you have, including dialysis or kidney transplantation.

How do renal dietitians work?

Your renal dietitian will support you to manage your condition with changes to your food and drink. Any changes they recommend will be based on your condition, treatment you are currently receiving, blood results, weight, medications and personal circumstances as well as what you normally eat and drink.

Your renal dietitian will work with you and your family, nurses, doctors, and caterers. They may change their advice as your condition changes.

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You may see your renal dietitian one-to-one or in group sessions.

Where do renal dietitians work?

You are likely to see your renal dietitian in an outpatient department or hospital. They may also come to your home or offer an over the phone consultation if needed.

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