BDA Staff

BDA staff

The BDA office function consists of these teams:

  • The Executive Team – oversees the work with Board of Directors, finance, governance, etc.
  • The Education and Professional Practice Team –  oversees our education, practice and professional support activity.
  • The Membership, Marketing and Communications Team – oversees member recruitment, retention and engagement activities, our volunteer programme, our marketing, communications, media and PR activities, and manages our internal systems including website and database.
  • The Trade Union and Public Affairs Team -  provides support, advice and representation across vital issues including pay awards, service provision, and for a range of workplace issues affecting members.
  • The Business Administration Team – which provides administrative and technical support to members and the office.

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Alternatively, for any general BDA enquiries, please contact the BDA office at [email protected] or 0121 200 8080.